Estate Administration

Helping you deal with the financial affairs, property and assets of those that have passed away

Probate and Intestacy

Estate Administration is the process of dealing with the financial affairs, property and assets of someone who has died and executing the wishes set out in their Will.

Our services are fully comprehensive and manage all the issues involved in organising a person’s estate from start to finish. We can visit you at home or see you in our offices.  After an initial consultation we will give you a fixed quote for the work required. We appreciate that concluding this process is a high priority for every family and we work to achieve a swift outcome.

Our service can cover the following:

  • Liaise with Executors to establish the latest Will and it’s whereabouts.  If the whereabouts is unknown employ the ‘Find a Will Services’. (If there is no Will, the estate is distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy.)
  • Collect all relevant papers, establish up to date values of each asset and inform all investment providers, insurers and banks of the death. Liaise with existing financial advisers and/or accountants where necessary. Manage all the utility companies, care agencies, Tax Office and Council. Manage the pension providers and revised benefits for widows or widowers.
  • Complete the Probate forms and Inheritance Tax calculations and accounts. (This part of the service is not charged.) Transfer spouse’s nil rate band where possible, arrange for funds to be made available to pay the tax bill and swear the Oath in the Probate Court.
  • Liaise with conveyancers, if a property is to be sold and, if required, organise house clearance and estate agents as well as manage the sale.
  • Call in all the moneys, pay any debts, tax and expenses, before distributing the net estate to the beneficiaries.

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